Bachata Night – Drop in Classes + Social Dancing

Laddar Kurs

Bachata Night has become more and more popular every time we have run it. We are happy and grateful that so many of you want to share these evenings with us. The evening is dedicated to bachata but we will add some salsa songs every now and then to the social to spice it up. Classes will be held by our experienced instructors from – Salsa och Bachata i Stockholm

Bachata 2 levels (Beginner + Open level): 20.00 – 20.55

Bachata Social: 21.00 – 01.00

Drop in price: 150 kr for class + social
Only social: 100 kr

Students with valid student id:
Drop in price: 120 kr for class + social
Only social: 80 kr

Bachata Social is included in the price of the classes

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