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/ Dance event at your company

Company event

Do you want to arrange dance classes for your employees/coworkers? You can book one of our dance instructors to come and teach at your company for a one time class or a recurring class. Dancing is a great way to bring employees closer together through a fun activity and it also gives an energy boost. 

/ Events

Party or Event

An instructor comes to your event and teaches a fun class in Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba for everyone to enjoy. The course is normally one hour but it can be adjusted after your wishes. Everyone at the event is welcome to join and have fun. If it is a birthday party, wedding or other event where you want that one or two people should get extra focus we can arrange that 

/ Book a bachelorette party

Bachelorette / Bachelor party

“A memory for life”
You come to one of our dance studios and learn to dance Salsa or the romantic dance Bachata during one hour. If you want the coming bride/husband to get more focus during the class we can arrange that. We finish by making a small exhibition dance where the bride/husband dances with the dance teacher that you can film and show at the wedding or keep as a memory. 

/ Book private classes

Private classes

Take your dance skills to the next level

Want to become the best dancer you can be and get dance education suited after your needs? Or maybe you have reached a plateau and want to get some new inspiration? In that case private lessons are a great way to improve quickly. In the private classes the teachers are completely focused on what you need to learn. You will also get exercises you can do between the classes to help improve your dancing.