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Kizomba means party. It is an African dance that comes from Angola. Kizomba dance has evolved from the traditional Angolan dance style Semba. Kizomba is sometimes called the African tango as the dancers have close contact through the upper body and they hold each other tightly. The Kizomba music is calm, romantic and very rhythmic and the dance is soft. The songs are mostly sung in Portuguese.
As Kizomba’s popularity has grown enormously in recent years, the dance and music have also changed and through this new styles have been created. 

Urban Kiz

This dance style came as a response to the changing music that contained more R&B inspired elements. The dance style was created in Paris between 2012 and 2014. Some of the pioneers of the dance style are considered to be Enah, Moun and Curtis. In Urban Kiz it is common to open up the position and to introduce sharper movements and syncopations to match the music. In Urban Kiz it is also common to use more acrobatic movements and tricks.


The focus in tarraxinha is to use body isolations to express oneself to the music. This can be done independently of the partner or the movements can be led by the leader. This style is often blended into other Kizomba styles.

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