Rent our dance studio

Rent our Dance Studio

About the Dance Studio

The studio consists of an entrance where you can welcome your guests. Two bathrooms whereas one of them is handicap friendly and has a shower. A cloak room where your participants can hang their clothes and a dance studio where you can have your activity. 

The total space of the venue is 150 m2 and the studio space is approximately 100 m2. In the studio there are mirrors on three of the walls and ballet bars on those same walls. There is a sound system that you can easily connect to thru Cable and a mixer in case you want to do recordings.

At the entrance there is a couch and several comfortable benches where your participants can wait for their activity to start. There is also a television that you can use to show information or marketing material to the participants before they enter the main room, this option is available when you are renting the studio for longer periods of time.


The dance studio is located in the crossroads of Valhallavägen and Odengatan. These are two of Stockholms main roads making it very easy to get there with public transportation or with a car. The metro station Tekniska Högskolans exit is located 10m from the entrance to the studio and there are many buses stopping on the other side of the street.


Our business is usually held in the evenings and weekends during the semesters. There are available times to rent the studio most weekdays in the daytime before 17.00 and mornings. There are limited times available on Saturdays and Sundays during the semesters, usually mornings or Saturday afternoons. During the summer and winter the availability usually goes up as we have less classes during these periods.

What do we rent to

We rent out to all types of activities that use the space in a responsible way. We only rent out the studio in the daytime and we do not rent out to parties or similar types of activities.


The rent for the studio depends on the time of day, how many hours you wish to rent and the type of activity. Contact us to get a quote for your business.

Are you interested in renting the venue?

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The Entrance is 3 doors to the left of door number 55