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Salsa is a passionate and joyful dance that is danced in pairs. The dance and music have their roots in Cuba where African rhythms were mixed with Spanish music to create several new styles.

Salsa originates from the Cuban dances Son, Mambo and Cha cha, but the dance was not created in Cuba but in New York in the 70s.

The word Salsa means sauce and the name indicates that different ingredients were mixed to create this dance and music style.

Salsa is now danced all over the world and is a fantastic way to meet new people when you come to a new city.

Salsa can be danced in different ways and the most common salsa styles are:

Crossbody Salsa

The Crossbody Salsa is intense, passionate and often danced to music that contains a lot of variety. This is the most common type of salsa in Stockholm. What is special about this style is that the woman moves back and forth on a line. The style is technically challenging and contains a lot of spins and combinations. Crossbody salsa is also called line salsa and is available in different variations such as LA Style and can be danced in a different timing, New York Style. 

Cuban Salsa

The Cuban salsa is a playful style that contains a lot of joy. The dance is called Casino in Cuba because it was originally danced in clubs called “Casino deportivos”. In the Cuban salsa, the couple dances in circles and the turns often consist of intricate arm combinations. The dance has elements from the Afro-Cuban dance Rumba and is also danced in groups in what is known as the Rueda de Casino (Casino Wheel).

Colombian Salsa

The Colombian Salsa is known for its fast step combinations and fantastic lifts and throws. The style is also called Cali style as it is mainly danced in the city of Cali. Colombian salsa is not that common either in Stockholm or the rest of Sweden.

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Salsa courses and levels

At iDance we have salsa courses in Crossbody Salsa (LA, Linje Salsa) and Cuban Salsa. We also have Ladies Styling courses and Rueda courses.

Crossbody Salsa

This is the course for those who are new to Salsa and want to learn the basics of the dance or for those who want to improve their basics. You don't need to know anything to start with us at the beginner level. In the basic course, we learn the basic steps in Salsa, simpler spins and movements, as well as how we lead and follow these movements. We also learn the basic movement patterns in Linjesalsa. We recommend that you go through this level 1-2 times depending on how easy it is for you to learn.

Cuban Salsa

In the beginner's course, we learn the basics of Cuban Salsa, also known as Casino. We work on our body movements to get the Cuban feel and learn the most common moves and how to get a good flow in them. The basic course is perfect for those who have never danced before or for those who have danced for a while and want to improve the basics.

Rueda de Casino

In the Rueda de Casino course we focus on the Cuban ring dance Rueda de casino. Ruedan is a joy spreader where the participants follow calls from the course leader and constantly change partners. We recommend that you have attended Cuban Salsa Level 2 at least once or that you attend Cuban Salsa Level 2 in parallel, as we use tours from this level and the basic level of the dance.

Salsa Ladies Styling

In our Ladies styling courses we work on improving our dance technique and we learn how to move beautifully and elegantly to Salsa and other Latin American dances. In the course we work with personal expression and style and we learn when in dance we can use different movements. 

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