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iDance on Sundays – Salsa & Bachata drop-in course & Social dance in Stockholm

iDance on Sundays is the place where you who are learning to dance Salsa and Bachata can come and practice your latest moves together with others who want to develop their dance. At iDance on Sundays, there is everything from those who have never danced before to those who have danced for many years. The atmosphere we work for at the social is that everyone should be able to dance with everyone and that we should be helped to create an open and welcoming dance world. Everyone is welcome to the social, so feel free to bring your friends who you want to introduce to the world of dance.


Bachata is a dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. The body movements in the dance are reminiscent of Salsa but the dance is calmer and more intimate. The dance is constantly evolving and the latest feature is called sensual bachata and originates from Spain. In this type of Bachata, you work a lot with body isolations and waves


At the social we play mixed salsa music. You can dance both Cuban salsa and line salsa to the music. You are of course welcome to dance what you want and the music that is played is mixed with a lot of Salsa Romantica and calmer songs so that even those who are new to the dance can dance.


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Why you should come to iDance on Sundays

iDance on Sundays is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to enjoy themselves and dance in a friendly and inclusive environment. The event welcomes everyone, regardless of dance experience or background. It is a place where you can learn new dance styles, meet new people, and have a great time on Sunday evenings. For anyone looking for a fun Sunday activity in Stockholm, iDance on Sundays is a must.

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iDance Studio


Bring indoor shoes or socks to dance in. No outer shoes may be used in the room


Valhallavägen 55.
The entrance is 3 doors to the left of door 55

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