Valentino & Joan (#vjkiz)

Valentino & Joan are a dance couple performing and teaching Kizomba & Urban Kiz internationally. They’re based in Stockholm, Sweden and teach regular courses at iDance dance school.

Their classes focus on mastering technique, teaching how to dance with musicality and different “intention” or “character” depending on the song, maintaining couple connection in all possible frames while they will always make sure to teach you one of their powerful and shiny moves. To achieve this they create a fun and social environment that makes their students feel comfortable to express themselves and make mistakes in a safe zone. Their workshops have an excellent rating and the most common feedback is about their pedagogical teaching.

Their style is unique, consisting of dynamic and upbeat moves with lots of lifts, dips and tricks. They also strive to tell a story with their dance and connect with each other through close and open positions always respecting the music’s character. In their shows they combine storytelling through contemporary dance and powerful movements from Urban Kiz and other dance styles.

In 2015 they were the GB Kizomba North West Champions and vice champions in the GB Kizomba Competition /Africadancar UK. 





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