Born in Ecuador. It was as an adult (2007) that I took my first Salsa basic steps in Sweden.

In 2009 i started teaching, performing and traveling around Europe to become a better dancer and get inspiration from international instructors among others Tropical Gem, Yamulee, Ataca y Alemana, private classes with Korke, Judith certificate from Sensual Week (Cadiz 2014)

iDance is a dance school where our priority is that dancing should be something positive where EVERYONE is welcome!

In my classes you will always hear
°My rules…..Have Fun.
°Frågor, questions, preguntas.
°Enjoy the basic.
°We are a group and we help each other
°Poker face…. Because in my classes you are allowed to make mistakes

In my classes you can expect:
To never forget the basics
Meet new challenges
Have fun

Come dance with me! 




- Salsa
- Bachata

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