Get the most out of your Salsa/Bachata course: Top 10 Tips
Dance tips

Get the most out of your Salsa/Bachata course: Top 10 Tips

Dance tips
10 dance tips
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Here we have collected the top 10 tips on how to get the most out of your Salsa course. Follow these simple tips and see how your progress takes off!

1. Dance with as many people as possible

Everyone has their own dance style, and if you only dance with your partner, it’s easy to learn to compensate for each other’s weaknesses. Most courses offer the opportunity to rotate, so you can dance with different people even if you come with a partner. Take that chance, and you will develop much faster!

2. Focus on what you can improve

Alla har sin egen dansstil och om man endast dansar med sin partner blir det lätt så att man lär sig att kompensera för varandras brister. På de flesta kurser finns möjligheten att rotera så du kan dansa med olika personer även om du kommer dit med en partner. Ta den chansen så kommer du att utvecklas mycket snabbare!


3. Don´t be afraid of making mistakes

Learning a new skill requires making mistakes, and becoming a master at it is not possible without them. All growth and development stem from taking risks and trying things that you don’t yet fully understand. Accepting and learning from mistakes is a natural part of the process of improving, and you shouldn’t be afraid of how your mistakes may appear to others.

Deep down, what most people fear is the judgment of others when they make mistakes. However, it’s essential to remember that everyone in the room is focused on their own growth and development. They have their own story to tell, and they are likely occupied with worrying about their own mistakes rather than focusing on yours.


4. Ask questions

To fully benefit from the course, it’s essential to ask questions if you feel uncertain about something. It’s common to think that you’re the only one struggling to understand the material presented in the course. However, it’s often the case that many other participants are grateful when someone asks a question because they may have the same doubts but are hesitant to speak up. Don’t be afraid to seek clarification, as it will help you learn and improve faster.


5. Don´t compare yourself to others

Everyone who comes to the course has different backgrounds and different things they need to work on. It’s easy to set an impossible bar by comparing yourself to someone who may have danced other dances all their life or is a musician, making it easy for them to find the rhythm. Make sure you have fun while you learn and do your best based on your own abilities.


6. Ask for feedback from your teacher

During a course, each teacher has many students to attend to, which may cause them to overlook giving you personal feedback. Therefore, don’t leave a course without asking your teacher what they think you can improve on and how you can best achieve it. Practice the areas of improvement diligently during and after the course, and then ask your teacher at the next session for their feedback on your progress. Don’t be disheartened if you need to continue working on the same area, as some skills take time to master.


7. Record the classes and review them after

The memory is much shorter than you think. At all dance courses at iDance, you have the opportunity to record what has been covered after each course session. If you watch the clip a few times when you have some spare time, you will notice that the next lesson becomes much easier


8. Listen to Salsa/Bachata music

At first, it can be challenging to comprehend the structure of salsa or Bachata and to find the rhythm. However, the more you listen to Salsa/Bachata music, the easier it becomes to dance in sync and feel the music. Dancing is much more enjoyable when you recognize songs and can play with the rhythm. Not sure which songs to start with? Here’s a list of fantastic salsa music for beginners.


9. Practice

There is one factor that will definitely affect how much you learn. Practice, practice, and more practice!

Whether you learn quickly or slowly, you will learn more the more you practice. Take 5-10 minutes before and after each class to go over what you have learned. Review the steps, body movements, and turns from the previous lesson while waiting to enter the class and practice what you have learned as soon as you get home from class. This little extra effort will help you learn everything much faster.


10. Get to know people from your course

Many people in dance classes are looking for practice partners and dance buddies. Be the one who dares to ask other course participants if they want to practice outside of class. It’s a good idea to practice with several people at the beginning, so that you can all help each other improve.

When you go out dancing, invite other course participants to join you. Dancing in a group is more fun, and you can help each other remember what you’ve learned in class.


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