Salsa Dancing – 7 Ways it can Improve your Health
Dance tips, Salsa

Salsa Dancing – 7 Ways it can Improve your Health

Dance tips, Salsa
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I think it’s safe to say 99.9% of all humans on earth who have ever watched a salsa dancer perform are in love with the art form.

The fast beats, stimulating music, the bends, swings and quick footwork of the dancers all make salsa one of the most invigorating and interesting dances to watch.

Salsa dancing is much beloved all over the world and is approached with such zeal that we even have a world salsa championship.

This is where salsa dancers from all over come out to show off their skills and represent for their countries and the salsa dancers from Stockholm are not left out.

Away from the beauty and dynamism of the salsa dance, there are also some very interesting benefits the salsa has, specifically on your health.

Salsa dancing due to its swift movements and sharp turns has the ability to positively affect your health.

Not only is it an interesting way to generally keep fit (say bye to boring cardio!) but due to the perfect form, you have to keep while dancing it also helps with things like posture.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of Salsa dancing:

Weight Loss

Because salsa consists of quick rigorous movements to a fast beat it is a great exercise for weight loss. It is estimated that a regular salsa class of 30 minutes can make you lose as much as 200 calories. If you up the intensity a few notches you could even lose up to 10 calories per minute! These are great numbers for anybody planning on losing weight as even a relatively slow beginner class of salsa can help you lose a good amount of weight. And of course the more consistent you are in dancing, the more the intense the dance gets and the more calories you burn. So if you’re looking to drop a few pounds then look for the nearest dance school in Stockholm and get your groove on.

Muscle Building

Apart from weight loss salsa dancing can also help you build and grow your muscles. Salsa dancing targets basically every muscle in the body. First, you have to keep your body upright and straight which requires good control of all our muscles. Then you also have to keep your upper body and arms upright, balanced, steady and stiff, this requires work from your arm muscles and it also stimulates your core. After getting the right form the next step is the dance itself which requires smooth, swift movements of your hips, leg, and butt. This rigorous movement helps us build muscle in all these places and help tone and sculpt them to perfection. So if you’ve admired the svelte but firm bodies of the typical salsa dancer and wondered how they achieved that. Wonder no more as they literally exercise every muscle in their body while dancing.

Posture and Balance

The form is very important when dancing salsa especially if you want to execute those turns you see on television. But while maintaining the form that makes the dancing so vibrant and interesting is aesthetically pleasing it also has the added advantage of improving the dancers’ balance and posture. Balancing yourself in the numerous positions the salsa dance calls for will help greatly improve your balance in real life. This can help save you from unnecessary injury due to slips and falls. A good posture also prevents a bad back and neck problems which are an added advantage. With salsa dancing, your reflexes get sharper and your limb co-ordination becomes greatly improved.

Endorphin Rush

Dancing is good for our moods, there is no way around it. Even watching dancers exhibit their art form has the ability to make us happy and light-hearted. Learning to dance can not only give you an activity and a purpose every evening. Dancing like exercise has also been proven to release endorphins into our system. Endorphins are the happy hormone and they are responsible for feelings of happiness. Taking up a salsa dance can help you deal with the effects of stress and depression. It not only gives you something to look forward but with every milestone you achieve you gain purpose. Salsas dancing not only elevates your mood but can greatly help with self-confidence and discipline issues.

Maintains your youth

Dancing salsa can help maintain your youthful beauty. Not only do you get to lose weight or maintain your weight, dancing also exercises your lungs, cardiovascular system, and your heart. Getting your blood pumping and flowing can significantly improve your skin and also save you from certain illnesses. Dancing can also help control the amount of bad cholesterol you have present in your system which can save you age-related illnesses that ravage the body.

Salsa dancing gives you a sharp memory

Salsa dancing gives you a sharp memory

Dancing also helps improve your memory. Salsa dance is traditionally done on an eight-count beat, memorizing the dance steps can significantly improve your memory. Learning which step goes with which beat in a song can help you get sharper and more alert. Salsa dancing is a great mental drill to keep you on your toes.

Social and emotional connections

Social and emotional connections are very important to maintain a healthy and well-balanced life. Without human interactions, the majority of us would eventually just fade away into nothingness. Also because salsa dancing is partner work dancing it improves your consideration of others. It helps you gain trust in humans as you literally have to let someone spin you around the floor.

It is also an amazing way to bond with loved ones and friends. Dancing is a warm, fun atmosphere and it lets you interact with them in space that’s not your home. You can have fun and come out with a lighter heart and a banging body.

Salsa dancing is one of the most fun and regular activities you could do in Stockholm. It not only is a fun activity it also has numerous and awesome health benefits that can help you maintain your health, youth, and vitality.

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