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Learn to Dance Salsa Bachata and Kizomba in Stockholm

Want to learn to dance? Join one of our popular dance courses at Stockholm’s best Bachata, Kizomba and Salsa dance school. 

Looking to meet new people?

Dancing is a great way to get to know new people. Maybe you are new in town or maybe you just want to expand your social circle. We have people joining us from all over the world.

Fun activity for Couples

Dancing is one of the most fun activities to do with your partner. At our courses you can choose to only dance with your partner.

Anyone can learn to dance!

At iDance we believe that anyone can learn how to dance. It doesn't matter if you have two left feet. We will help you get started.

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Choose your Dance Courses

Book your Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata dance courses here. We have 2 venues in Stockholm both easily accessible by public transport or car.  The courses are divided by difficulty level and you can attend multiple courses at the same difficulty level since each course is unique.






Få en snabb boost till din dans på våra Sommarkurser. På dessa kurser dansar vi intensivt under en kort period

Level Start Day & time Price Venue Instructors    
Salsa Nybörjare, N1
Mån 17.30-19.30 4 ggr. Start 15/7. Idance Studio Valhallavägen. Price 1299:-.
N1 15/7 Mån 17.30-19.30 4 ggr 1299:- Idance Studio Valhallavägen Info/book Plats finns
Bachata Nybörjare, N1
Mån 19.35-21.35 4 ggr. Start 1/7. Idance Studio Söder. Price 1299:-.
Instructors Lisette.
N1 1/7 Mån 19.35-21.35 4 ggr 1299:- Idance Studio Söder Lisette Info/book Plats finns
Level Start Day & time Price Venue Instructors    
Bachata Fortsättning 1, F1
Mån 17.30-19.30 4 ggr. Start 1/7. Idance Studio Söder. Price 1299:-.
Instructors Lisette.
F1 1/7 Mån 17.30-19.30 4 ggr 1299:- Idance Studio Söder Lisette Info/book Plats finns
Bachata Fortsättning 1, F1
Mån 19.35-21.35 4 ggr. Start 15/7. Idance Studio Valhallavägen. Price 1299:-.
F1 15/7 Mån 19.35-21.35 4 ggr 1299:- Idance Studio Valhallavägen Info/book Plats finns
Bachata Fortsättning 2, F2
Mån 19.35-21.35 4 ggr. Start 8/7. Idance Studio Söder. Price 1299:-.
F2 8/7 Mån 19.35-21.35 4 ggr 1299:- Idance Studio Söder Info/book Plats finns
Level Start Day & time Price Venue Instructors    
Kubansk Salsa Medel, M
Mån 17.30-19.30 4 ggr. Start 8/7. Idance Studio Söder. Price 1299:-.
M 8/7 Mån 17.30-19.30 4 ggr 1299:- Idance Studio Söder Info/book Plats finns
Presentkort & Drop in
Level Start Day & time Price Venue Instructors    
Danskort Friskvård - Salsa Bachata Kizomba
12 Pass Drop in kurs
12 ggr. Price 1699:-.
12 ggr 1699:- Info/book
12 Pass Socialdans
12 ggr. Price 999:-.
12 ggr 999:- Info/book
/ Testimonials

Our Satisfied Students Say

See what our students say about our Bachata, Kizomba and Salsa dance lessons on Google. 

Behroz DehdariBehroz Dehdari
08:06 02 Apr 24
Attended several courses and always had excellent teachers and good atmosphere! Most recently a course for Lisette and Leo who were fantastic! But Andreas, Inka, David, Emigen and Omayda also deserve huge praise. Thanks!
Iva ZoIva Zo
17:53 14 Mar 24
Always professional and pleasant treatment by Andeas, no matter what course or open house it is about. The right person in the right place, highly recommended 🙂 Ingrid was also great at trying Cuban salsa. You feel welcome as you are.
Leo Negrete SolbreckLeo Negrete Solbreck
12:32 28 Feb 24
Fredrik BixoFredrik Bixo
20:57 03 Dec 23
Fantastically pleasant, educational and competent teachers.
Menno van JarwaardeMenno van Jarwaarde
12:26 09 Nov 23
Very nice dance school. Joined the Sunday drop-in. Good teacher, fun workshop and the social dancing was very relaxing with great atmosphere. The group of people was well mixed.
Really good I have had Lisette in bachata and love her enthusiasm in learning, not only the steps, learning about listen to find the rhythm. Also about respect. Also have had Elena in salsa who’s just a spreader of joy and always seems happy.
A Google User
A Google User
17:40 02 Nov 23
Really good I have had Lisette in bachata and love her enthusiasm in learning, not only the steps, learning about listen to find the rhythm. Also about respect. Also have had Elena in salsa who’s just a spreader of joy and always seems happy.
Love SosaLove Sosa
15:12 24 Oct 23
Lisette Reigo is a wonderful teacher! I have taken several courses in bachata with her as a leader and will continue to go with her. 🙂
Zerina KurtovicZerina Kurtovic
15:06 24 Oct 23
Fantastic! Andreas is very pedagogic and the lessons were fun for me and my partner (who was not very keen on this in the beginning)
Sandra AzadiSandra Azadi
14:47 24 Oct 23
Wonderful Lisette Reigo brightens my Sundays! Such an incredibly talented dancer and teacher whose joy, passion and knowledge make you look forward to every lesson! You are the best!! 💕
Felix DarkeFelix Darke
08:52 21 Oct 23
This place should have a warning sign due to how addictive it is.If someone told me when I took my first Bachata class with Lisette back in April of 2023 that I would now be dancing multiple times a week, I probably would not believe them.I am a typical gymbro with absolutely zero dance experience that has always felt curious to try out couple dancing, and I am so glad that I took the step. I have a lot to say, but I will limit myself to giving 3 reasons why you should dance at iDance.1) Fantastic instructors. I want to give a shout out to Lisette in particular, who I took my first class with. There are a lot of great dancers out there, but she is also a fantastic pedagogue and creates a great feeling of community in the classes. You can tell that she puts a lot of thought and energy into the lessons.I am so happy that I ended up taking my first class with her, and it is probably a big reason why Bachata has now become a (quite big) part of my life.2) A focus on actually learning the fundamentals. I have tried classes at other schools, and most of the time, I find that it feels rushed and more that you are learning a choreography.iDance instructors are focused on learning technique, which allows you to actually apply the moves outside of class in a social dance setting.3) Great community. I look forward to the iDance socials each Sunday.
I have been taking courses with different instructors (mainly Lisette, Panos, David & Andreas) and my personal experience has been very positive. They really care about your progress and won't hesitate on answering any question you have during the classes. They also care about the follower-leader ratio in classes being as even as possible, which is also a plus. Apart from that, I'd say it feels like a very inclusive environment. So I'd recommend it.
Madeleine Motie RasoolMadeleine Motie Rasool
10:18 11 Oct 23
06:57 23 Sep 23
Andreas and the gang are absolutely fantastic! Put off starting to dance salsa and bachata for years because I didn't dare. Tried some lessons several years ago elsewhere but felt it wasn't for me. But this summer I started idance and have completely changed my attitude. It is an incredibly relaxed, non-pretentious yet professional school where everyone is welcome. They teach in a very pedagogical way. Now I want to dance all the time! The lessons at idance are the highlight of my weeks!
sunil yadavsunil yadav
06:21 22 Aug 23
Kristin BreitensteinKristin Breitenstein
10:17 09 Aug 23
A great course in Cuban salsa. Drove continuation level with Andreas Källman (spring/summer 2023), got value for money, I can promise. Andreas is professional not only in terms of dancing; pedagogically, he is at the top. Add kindness, relaxed humor and attention down to the individual level. New steps and step combinations are worn in detail. Always room for questions. And room for not always keeping up.
Elias SivardElias Sivard
11:15 07 Aug 23
Carina NilsonCarina Nilson
16:19 06 Aug 23
Attended a basic bachata course this weekend!I can wholeheartedly recommend idance!Andreas, who was our teacher, was extremely professional in every way! Very educational and with a wonderful energy! Learned more than expected in these two days! I definitely got a taste and will continue courses with them!
Aline BatistaAline Batista
19:09 05 Jul 23
Anders BispoAnders Bispo
18:16 05 Jul 23
Good and inspiring teacher that really inspires and helps every student
Pradnyesh MysorekarPradnyesh Mysorekar
20:22 04 Jul 23
I took the Bachata beginner 2 day Intensive Wekend course with Andreas.It was indeed a wonderfully organized course with focus on every aspect of the dance including individual & couple stances, footwork, body framework, and a variety of movements.Would definitely recommend the course & the dance studio to all.
Lena JanssonLena Jansson
15:52 07 May 23
So Much fun with bachata and salsa! All teacher are so proffesionall and good!I have Lizette right now and Andreas.Dont hesitate, go dancing! You Will have so much fun and meet people at the same time.
Marianne .KjellströmMarianne .Kjellström
09:32 03 May 23
I recently went to Bachata 4 with Andreas and Ingrid at the new studio at Tjurbergsgatan. I enjoyed every minute of it! So much fun! There was really possibility to improve your technique with great individual instructions! Thanks Andreas and Ingrid!I also love Lisettes lady styling classes! She is feminine and has so much flow in her dancing! Overall a great school with a warm and friendly atmosphere and a good team of teachers!❤️
Per KarlssonPer Karlsson
22:20 19 Mar 23
As an experienced urbankiz-dancer I thought I'd give bachata a try and I'm glad I did. Lisette is hands down one of the best dance teachers whose classes I've took.Mixing great pedagogy, the ability to instruct both leaders and followers equally, a combined focus on technique(!) and steps and just seemingly having fun and making sure others are having fun too.Extra bonus-points for really engaging with her students and coaxing us all to go to socials really early to learn properly outside of a classroom-environment.
Sara L.Sara L.
12:43 14 Mar 23
GREAT! Took the salsa beginner class with Andreas, and we are super happy with it! Made a huge progress! Andreas is an amazing teacher, very pedagogical, structured, engaged and has a lot of humor!The dancing room is very good. Totally recommend ! 🙂
Anna Katinka CsájiAnna Katinka Csáji
17:37 08 Mar 23
We did Salsa level 1 with Lizette and she was an amazing teacher. She tought us not only the steps but also some dance ethic which I haven’t really seen with many other teachers. We’ll definitely continue dancing at iDance 💃🏻😍🙏
Nacho AlonsoNacho Alonso
13:39 05 Dec 21
Andreas is a super Teacher of Latinos!!!! Always smiling and helping the participants! Regardless if we are very skilled or very clumsy (that's me). I recommend everybody this funny activity: you meet many people smile and laugh A LOT, move your body and your brain.... what else?
Alexander DanilinAlexander Danilin
07:48 24 Oct 21
Awesome teachers! Great atmosphere! Central location close to a metro station! Keep this great atmosphere and this great feeling, Guys! I really love what You do!
Luis GalottiLuis Galotti
09:18 27 Sep 21
After trying some schools around the city, I found myself most comfortable at idance. The cadence and speed feel just right for me: enough repetition to build confidence while still being challenging.
Andreas RosenbergAndreas Rosenberg
19:02 18 Sep 21
Great Energy! Very welcoming atmospehers. Thank you
joshua pozojoshua pozo
08:22 20 Aug 21
Amazing experience and very good teacher Marce la Bachatera!
/ Our Dance Courses

Our Dance Courses - Choose your Dance Style

Do you like the fast and passionate Salsa dance, the Sensual movements of the Bachata or the closeness of the rhythmic Kizomba dance? Choose the dance style you prefer, or why not try multiple dance styles? 

Salsa Dance

Salsa is a fun and playful dance that is danced to fast music and tropical rhythms. The most popular styles are the Line Style from the USA and the Cuban Salsa. Join one of our Salsa dance lessons and experience the fantastic energy that Salsa gives you.

Crossbody - Cuban Salsa


Bachata dance is a popular dance style that is similar to Salsa but danced to slower and more romantic music. The slow pace makes Bachata a great dance to start with if you’re a beginner.

Bachata - Sensual - Fusion


Kizomba is often called the African tango and is danced to rhythmic music in close embrace with your partner. The magic of Kizomba dance is the connection with your partner. Come dance with us and experience the joy of Kizomba!

Kizomba - Urban Kiz

/ Events

Upcoming Events

At iDance we arrange weekly social dancing events with drop in courses. We also host big parties and open house events where you can test our classes. Join Stockholms best events for Bachata, Kizomba and Salsa dance 2023


El Grande - Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba Party

85-170 kr
/ Our Expertise

We specialise in the couple dances Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba

iDance Studios is a dance school in Stockholm that specialises in the couple dances Kizomba, Salsa and Bachata dance and  along with related styles. Our courses are aimed at adults and in the courses we strive to make you an amazing social dancer and dance partner. 


Satisfied Students

For us at iDance its very important that you as a student is happy with your courses and your time at iDance.

Expert Teachers

Our teachers are not only great dancers, they are also exceptional teachers who can share their knowledge about dancing with you in a way that's structured and easy to understand

/ About iDance

Best Dance School in Stockholm since 2015

iDance Studios is a Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba dance school in Stockholm. Our Bachata, Kizomba and Salsa dance lessons are aimed at adults and contain a large focus on the social aspects of dance. It should be fun to dance at all levels and everyone should be able to dance with everyone. In our courses we have everything from people who have recently moved to Stockholm and want to expand their social circle to couples who want to have a fun activity to do together. 

At iDance, we believe anyone can learn to dance and that the best way to learn is by having fun“.

Andreas Källman - Founder of iDance

Salsa stockholm kurser
0 +

Years Experience

/ Teachers

Our Instructors

All iDance instructors are pedagogical and excel in seeing the needs of you as a student. Read more about our teachers here.


Salsa & Bachata




Salsa & Bachata


Salsa & Bachata




Salsa, Bachata & Reggaeton


Bachata & Kizomba


Salsa & Bachata

josefin danslärare






Salsa & Bachata


Salsa & Bachata




Salsa & Bachata



/ Instagram

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Welcome to our 4 Day intensive course in Bachata for beginners!

Join us for a unique opportunity to delve into the world of Bachata and explore this sensual dance style during our 4-day intensive course on July 1-4. Over these four days, you will learn the basics of Bachata and build a strong foundation for your dancing.

Course Details:
🗓️ Date: July 1-4
⌚ Time: 19.35-21.35
📍 Location: iDance Studio Söder - Tjurbergsgatan 27
💰 Price: 1299 SEK
🎓 Student discount 15%
👨‍🏫 Teacher: Lisette

Book now at https://idance.se
El Grande har precis börjat. Kom och dansa med oss 💃💃💃
🎉 Get ready to groove at El Grande Summer Party this Saturday! 🎉

🕘 Class Schedule (20:00-21:00):
- Bachata Beginner with Emanuela
- Salsa Open Level with Ingrid & Leo
- Kizomba Open Level with Elli & Debbie

🕘 Class Schedule (21:00-22:00):
- Bachata Open Level with Ingrid & Leo
- Cuban Salsa Open Level with Andreas & Emanuela
- Kizomba Beginner with Elli & Debbie

👗 Theme: Blue & Yellow

🕙 Social Dancing (22:00-03:00):

🎶 DJs:
- Salsa: DJ Nino
- Bachata: DJ King
- Kizomba: DJ Ze Gomes & DJ Jois

Don’t miss the summer vibes – see you there! 🌞💃🕺 #ElGrandeSummerParty
Kubansk salsa på Söndagar på iDance Söder 💃💃💃
☀️ **Sommaruppehåll för Bachata Night och iDance on Sundays!** ☀️

Hej alla dansare!

Vi vill informera er om att vi kommer att ta ett sommaruppehåll för våra populära evenemang **Bachata Night** och **iDance on Sundays**. Vi vet hur mycket ni älskar dessa kvällar och vi ser fram emot att komma tillbaka ännu starkare efter sommaren! Med det fantastiska vädret vi har just nu så hoppas vi alla kan vara ute och njuta av solen. För er som är danssugna finns det dansevent utomhus som man kan gå på i stort sett varje dag.

Detta betyder att det inte blir något Bachata night eller iDance on Sundays denna veckan. Nästa vecka kör vi El Grande på Lördagen sedan tar vi en paus från socialerna och kommer tillbaka efter sommaren med ännu fler fantastiska danskvällar och nya spännande event. Håll utkik på våra sociala medier och hemsidan för uppdateringar om när vi startar igen!

Vi vill tacka alla våra dansare för ert fantastiska engagemang och era glada leenden på dansgolvet. Vi önskar er en underbar sommar med mycket sol och ser fram emot att dansa med er igen snart!

🌐 **För mer information:** www.idance.se

Trevlig sommar önskar teamet på iDance Studio! ☀️💃🕺

#iDanceStudio #BachataNight #iDanceOnSundays #Sommaruppehåll #Dansglädje #Stockholm
🔥 **4-veckors intensivkurser i Kizomba med Agnes & Elli – Startar nästa vecka!** 🔥

Vill du dyka in i den dynamiska och stilfulla världen av Kizomba och speciellt lära dig mer om Urban Kiz? Nu har du chansen att lära dig från de erfarna instruktörerna Agnes & Elli i våra 4-veckors intensivkurser som startar nästa vecka!

📅 **Måndagar - Start 27:e Maj:**
- **Kizomba Nybörjare:** 17:30-19:30

📅 **Onsdagar - Start 29:e Maj:**
- **Kizomba Fortsättning:** 17:30-19:30
- **Kizomba Medel:** 19:35-21:35

📍 **Plats:** iDance Studio Söder, Tjurbergsgatan 27

Varje kurs är 2 timmar per gång och fokuserar att ge dig en djupgående förståelse och känsla för denna moderna och populära dansstil. Oavsett om du är helt ny eller har tidigare erfarenhet, finns det en kurs som passar dig!

Missa inte denna unika möjlighet att utvecklas som dansare och njuta av dansens magi med oss. Anmäl dig idag och säkra din plats!

🌐 **Anmälan och mer info:** www.idance.se

#iDanceStudio #UrbanKiz #Intensivkurs #Danskurser #AgnesOchElli #Dansglädje #Stockholm